How to Become a Call Member Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Be eighteen years of age 
  2. Be a non-smoker 
  3. Have a valid driver’s license 
  4. No criminal history

  1. Fill out an application and background check form. If you are unable to print these forms from the website, you may obtain them from the Administrative Assistant, located at the Fire Station located at 45 Farmers Row. Monday-through Friday 9:00 AM-4:00 PM 
  2. Go through an interview process with the Department Chiefs. 
  3. A physical exam, drug test, and background checks.

Yes, there is a reading assignment for the program and there are written multiple choice quizzes to reinforce the reading assignments. There is also a written midterm and practical test along with the final exam.

You will need an 80% or better to remain in good standing and complete the program.

Help will be made available to students to get their grade average up. However, there is always a possibility that the student will be asked to repeat the program at a later date.

You are assigned to a station and placed on probationary status for six months. After that time, you will be reviewed by the station officers for promotion to firefighter.

During the six month probabtionary period, you will perform all firefighter duties. The station officers that you will be working with will review all department policies with you. You will be expected to respond to station calls, attend department training and department activities. 

Please review the Basic Training document, which will list the requirements and training that is needed in order to successfully pass the program.